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About Us

   Feenixx Publishing was founded by Marvin "Marv" Broyhill in 2003.  For many years, he owned and operated a Los Angeles advertising agency, where he developed marketing campaigns and collateral materials for his clients. In 1980, he sold the advertising agency, retired, purchased a boat and sailed the Caribbean.  He became bored, sold the boat and began renovating historic buildings in Petersburg, Virginia.
   He chanced upon the Appomattox Iron Works. Founded in 1876, it had the largest collection of antique machinery in the United States. He purchased the complex and restored it as a living history museums. All of the machines were put back into operation, run by steam engines and line shafts. It was a favorite school field trip destination.
   It's gift shop carried many items dealing with technology, science and nature.  In 1993, the worst tornado in Virginia virtually destroyed the complex. Most of the gift shop merchandise survived and formed the basis for the first Internet science and nature store, which was established in 1995.  It was extremely successful, and posters published in Europe became best sellers. In spite of their success, they had many faults.  These included: (1) content focused on Europe.  For example the bird poster showed 30 species, but all but three were only found in Europe. (2) They were grossly outdated and never revised.  (3) They were a weird size that did not fit standard U.S. frames, and (4) the publisher largely ignored the line, resulting in a great many needed titles not being published.
   Mr. Broyhill liked the multi-image idea, but felt it could be better developed.  This led to the concept of the "content-intensive Info poster," which would use coordinated images and text to provide a comprehensive overview of the subject. This took the pictorial concept to a totally new level - that of providing information.  Each poster would be equivalent to a condensed book.  He spent two years developing a comprehensive business plan. In early 2003, he tested several things to eliminate unknowns. The tests were so successful, that he launched the business. It published its first 24 titles in 2004.  They were very warmly received.  Since then, it has continually released news titles.
   Growth has been excellent and future plans call for many more posters.

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