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Haeckel's Invertebrates


A903 Haeckel's Invertebrates
Ernst Heinrich Philipp August Haeckel was one of the most outstanding biologists of all time. In 1864, he read Darwin's On the Origin of Species. From it, he concluded that all life evolved from a common source and proposed a new classification system based on evolution. He even drew the first evolution tree, which he published in 1866. However, there was so little known about prehistoric life that the scientific community would not accept it. The idea was resurrected in the 1950 and is now the basis for all animal classification.
    Haeckel was highly aware of the Linnaeus classification system so the divided into the entire kingdom is smaller groups, which he called phylum. He was one of the first biologists to make extensive use of the microscope, He discovered, described and named thousands of new species. These he used to establish a new kingdom of the life, the Protista.
   That's a pretty full plate. But Haeckel was also an outstanding illustrator. In 1862, he began creating plates that contained illustrations of related animals. Only a few of them were in color. The best of the best are shown on this magnificent new poster.
   We have long wanted to honor this great biologist and this poster not only does that, but it lets us try something new. 12" x 18" art print generally sell for $10 to $20. This poster contains 8 such prints. The poster can be displayed intact, or the plates can be cut out and framed separately. Toward testing this concept, we have created another such poster showing Audubon's Birds.

STATUS: Complete. No publishing date established.

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