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Work in Progress - Prehistoric Life
   Feenixx now has the most comprehensive collection of posters dealing with prehistoric life ever published by anyone. (See Prehistoric Life). We have gone beyond the dinosaurs and addressed new poster subjects such as the Weird Dinosaurs, Pterosaurs and Prehistoric Sea Monsters, and our Milestones of Vertebrate Evolution is an absolute mind-blower. But we're not resting on our laurels.
    We are now working on Synapsids. These furry critters were the dominate terrestrial life form during the Permian, but were all but wiped out the mass extinction. Once the dinosaurs became extinct, the synapsid descendants took over the earth in the form of mammals. This fascinating poster covers several subjects. See the poster description for details.
   We published Feathered Dinosaurs ten years ago. Since then a great many new species have been discovered. This resulted in the need for an all-new, greatly expanded version, which we recently completed.
   Dinosaurs are classified into two broad categories. The Saurischia or 'lizard-hipped' dinosaurs include the Sauropoda and the theoropoda. Its most well-known family is the Tyrannosaurs. We've published posters on them, but have woefully neglected the Ornithischia, or "bird hipped" dinosaurs. They include the fascinating bone-headed, duck-billed, frilled and horned dinosaurs. This is on our "must" list.
    However, it may have to wait, as many of our customers have asked us to publish a poster on the North American dinosaurs and our research efforts have been directed toward it.
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