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Climate and Weather


E112 Weather and Climate
The term weather refers to the day-to-day condition of Earth’s atmosphere in terms of temperature, humidity and wind. Climate is the long term changes in the norm. It can be measured in seasons and even in millions of years. Weather stays relatively constant on a year-to-year basis, but climate can change drastically over long periods of time, as evidenced by the various ice ages and the current controversy over global warming. 
   This explores long-term climate changes. It will present a comprehensive overview of global weather systems. It will begin by exploring the Earth’s position in space; it’s orbit around the sun, it’s wobble, and it’s tilt on it’s axis. It will show the interplay of gravity and centrigular force and the resulting global currents. The factors that influence current weather conditions are explored. The water cycle is  explored in detail. Atmospheric conditions such as the ozone layer and global warming will also be addressed. Other topics include hurricanes and tornados.

STATUS: Basic research is now complete as is a first draft of the layout, but the project is still evolving. We have discovered other subjects that need to be explored and can see many other areas for improvement. The illustration requirements have not yet been finalized.

   We have also planned a poster on weather forecasting. Weather and Climate may be released first and Weather Forecasting later or we may wait and release them togther.


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