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T-rex Window Poster

Tyrannosaur looking in window

A305 - T. Rex Window
    What could be worse than a Tyrannosaurus rex peering in your window? The answer: one that has crashed through your window and is inside your house. This poster was inspired by the terrifying scene in the movie Jurassic Park in which the world’s favorite dinosaur peered into the tour vehicles just prior to its attack. This poster captures that “calm before the storm.”
    Trompe l’oeil is a highly realistic style of painting developed by French artists to create cabinets, windows, mantels, and other architectural elements on bare walls to simulate the effect of the items actually being there. This technique was used to create T. rex Window. The painted frame simulates a window, and Mr. Rex is quietly peering in, apparently looking for his next meal. A tiny, fragile kitten sleeps on the sill, oblivious to the threat.
    For maximum effect, simply “wallpaper” this poster wherever you want. From a dozen feet away, it looks like the real thing. It’s great for kids’ rooms, but it is also an interesting conversation piece for the office. Just write, “The boss is watching” on it in big, bold letters.
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