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Feathered Dinosaurs Poster

A310 Feathered Dinosaurs 2 (2013 replacement) 
We published Feathered Dinosaurs in 2005, but many more new species were found within the next few years.  Feenixx has always maintained a continuous-revision policy. Long before a poster is scheduled for reprinting, it is reviewed to determine if it needs to be updated. If so, the updates are made. That was not the case with Feathered Dinosaurs, as the need became increasingly obvious with every new discovery, and they were taking place at an incredible rate.
    Feathered Dinosaurs of 2005 showed 17 species. The all-new Feathered Dinosaurs 2 shows 33 species, almost twice as many. Our knowledge of these animals has expanded so greatly that the species are now grouped into families, which are introduced through fascinating and informative text. There are even three new families.
   Some of the information contained in the insets of the earlier version are invaluable in gaining an understanding of how they evolved, so there are also small insets on feather evolution and the two bones found only in birds and feathered dinosaurs. Every species has a caption citing its common name, biological name and where and it lived.


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