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North American Horses Poster

North American Horses Poster

A265 North American Horses
    This beautiful poster presents all of the important North American horses in historic context. The captions explain that the horse evolved in North America and in prehistoric times crossed the Bering Sea land bridge into Asia. Its descendants migrated to Europe. The horse became extinct in North America around 11,000 years ago.
   Horses were reintroduced to the New World by Columbus on his second voyage in 1493 when he brought them to Cuba. Cortez landed them on the North American continent in 1516. Later explorers and settlers brought many different breeds. These “Colonial Imports” are shown on the top three rows. They provided the bloodlines for all that followed. The next row presents the feral and Indian horses. The bottom three rows are devoted to the many other breeds that originated in North America.
   This poster accurately portrays 54 breeds, making it a valuable identification chart for horse lovers. Included are four famous horses that were used so extensively for crossbreeding that the original stock was bred out of existence; they are now extinct. They are the Spanish Jennet, Galloway, Hobby, and Narragansett Pacer. They are included because of the importance of their bloodlines to modern-day breeds. (The highly popular Hobby inspired the toy horse that bears its name and was the origin of the word as it is used today, for a recreational activity.)
   Most of these magnificent horses are shown in profile for easy identification, but some of the most famous breeds are shown with riders in great action poses to represent a few of the many ways the horse has contributed to America.


Kentucky Mountain Horse
Kentucky Mountain
Tennessee Walker Horse
Tennessee Walker
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